Latest Music Album “Are You With Me” – Lyric Video by Saxxons Launched

Finally the wait is over, the highly waited and latest Britpop music albumAre You With Me” – Lyric Video for the debut single from Saxxons, is completed & released, thus sharing here to entertain & to rock you. Voice, harmonies and sound are really very impressive and great, it is really a dead catchy. We are very pleased and happy at the moment.

So Here it is! Our debut single ‘Are You With Me?’ check it out! spread the song! Let us know what you think for Are You With Me?

Getting very good response for this latest Acoustic Pop Song on facebook, twitter, Youtube and other social sites. People are searching it over YouTube and watching, enjoying & sharing with their friends. We stayed up till late nights many times while writing lyrics and composing music for this great single, thus feeling relieved a little, now working to bring the video version of this single as soon as possible and another catchy single to bring you soon in the coming time.

SAXXONS team - Matt Trueman, Andrew Carrington and Michael Mason

We would like people’s comments and feedback, which really means a lot. Look out for the official music video soon! Keep sharing the single! The Saxxons team – Matt Trueman, Andrew Carrington, Michael Mason and other has just done the great work. Harmonious music, melodious voice and Lyrics are just wonderful, great and awesome.

Your response and feedback on our debut single & latest Britpop music albumAre You With Me?‘ are very welcome. Keep sharing to support us to bring you more good singles to entertain you in the coming time. Watch our other latest Britpop music releases, new britpop song releases, new acoustic music album releases and video singles on our blog at Saxxons.